Digital Marketing Services

Your job is to keep business as usual going with an eye to growth. My job is to help you find hidden opportunities in the digital landscape while managing and mitigating risk that could interfere. 

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

By now you know that getting to the top of Google [or Bing, no haters here] is important. But how do you do it? I’ve worked across two dozen industries to build best-in-class search engine marketing programs to help clients capture the click and grow their business.

Paid Search Advertising [PPC]

Paid search is the new standard in digital marketing. From product launches to recruitment, getting in front of users who are actively looking for you while you wait for your SEO to mature helps you attract new consumers and encourage repeat purchases.

Website Audit/Digital Asset Audit

Need a second strategy opinion? Running your own PPC and SEO campaigns but they are not delivering as you had hoped? I’ll comb through your website and other digital assets [including strategy docs, ad copy, and other marketing collateral] to help you figure out where your gaps are and what can be improved.

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